Join us on 13 November 2021 for a day of Networking, Inspiring Talks and interactive workshops online. The intro talks will begin at 10am and a series of sessions will complete around 4pm.

Read more about the sessions below and grab your ticket before they sell out.

Our schedule for the day

The link to our full agenda details will be given here, the password to access the agenda page (and therefore the link to join us on Zoom) is in your order confirmation and on Eventbrite.

9.45amArrivals: Please join us to iron out any connection troubles
10amWelcome and introduction talks.
10.30amSpeed Networking: Schools & Artists/Arts/Heritage Organisations Connect
11.15amWorkshop 1 – Creative Youth Voices Presents: Honest Creative Careers
Join Creative Youth Voices as they share the brutally honest questions young people have about pathways into the creative industry. Young people wanted nothing but honesty from the industry, and that’s what we intend to offer.
12.30pmLunch – Offscreen break!
1pm‘Lunch and Learn’ with Arts Connect
Arts Award for developing leadership and careers (Bring your lunch if you still need)
1.30pmWorkshop 2Reengaging with art – you can’t preach what you don’t practise
Join Gemma Louise Walsh and Monica Cru-Hall to explore how to use engagement with your own creativity to give better feedback and learning to young people.
2.45pmWorkshop 3Exploring Creative Careers – Pathways to Success
The Creative Industry is growing, this workshop explore the questions ‘How are we working locally to support young people into the sector?’ and ‘How are they supported to grow and expand?’
3.45pmEvent Wrap up
4pmEvent finishes

Features of the day

Honest Creative Careers graphic
Kreative Foundations

Creative Youth Voices Presents: Honest Creative Careers

Young people are truly at the heart of everything we do at Stoke CEP, so when our Creative Youth Voices young people last met we were keen to gain their insight into our Creative Careers Strand… and as always their voices most certainly did not disappoint!

When asked about their preferred approaches to sharing creative careers information, our Creative Youth Voices forum informed us that information videos were not very helpful. Instead they found them too professional, too impersonal, and in some respects dishonest because of these factors. Instead these young people wanted opportunities to:

  • speak on a face to face basis with professionals
  • ask the pressing questions they have about creative career pathways
  • to have personable and honest responses
  • and to get to know the journeys taken by creative professionals

So… they asked, and we intend to deliver. Join Creative Youth Voices as we share a live interview between young people from the New Vic Theatre, and creative industry professionals. Here you’ll be able to gain an insight into the honest conversations young people want to have about careers, in-order to help navigate their own future pathways.

Afterwards you’ll get to meet and work with the young people and artists, to begin co-designing how we can collectively develop this honest careers interaction further.

Creative Youth Voices is a Stoke CEP project, led by Kreative Foundations, in partnership with New Vic Theatre, Arts Connect West Midlands and Endon High School.

Reengaging with art – you can’t preach what you don’t practise

Be inspired to reengage with creative arts or try something new to remember the feeling of creating, making mistakes, perhaps feel self-conscious, but eventually emerging triumphant so that you can better support young people in being able to do the same within their creative practises.

Better understand your pupils comfort zones through stretching your own and reengaging with the fun and authenticity of creating.

We will cover:

  • How we get into ruts and how to get out again
  • Perspectives on creative comfort zones
  • A guided creative activity to get you started, plus a take away activity for self-directed CPD
  • How to use what you’ve discovered to communicate better with young people

This session will be led by Gemma Louise Walsh and Monica Cru-Hall.

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Exploring Creative Careers – Pathways to Success

The Creative Industry is growing at a rate of 8.9% a year and has become the second fastest expanding industrial sector.  How are we working locally to support young people into the sector and how are they supported to grow and expand?

We will be joined by Tom Nadin from the Chamber of Commerce and Carola Boehm from Staffordshire University and will look at the value of creating career pathways for children and young people from a young age, informing decision making pre options.