Who we are

Acting as a ‘landing platform’ for the regional, national and international resources that aim to support cultural development, Stoke Creates aims to secure a proper share of resources, by identifying and up-scaling appropriate opportunities that may focus on or arise for the city.

Stoke Creates is a growing network of our anchor organisations that have expertise in culture, industry, education and civic leadership, all with outstanding track records of success, that come together in Stoke Creates for our common goals. It will launch initiatives and projects that support and develop advocacy in Arts, Creativity and Culture.

Our Aim

  • Maximise the city’s chance to secure new funding from external sources
  • Channel funding and expertise to address unmet needs in the city
  • Help the region take high potential existing projects to scale
  • Act as matchmaker for other activities that satisfy our mission

Stoke Creates is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and is governed by a voluntary board of trustees, forming a growing ‘partnership network’ with a range of individuals, agencies and stakeholders. It is a collective, made up of a combination of organisations working in collaboration, to influence co-creation to make a positive change across the city and its region.

Our Vision

Stoke Creates will be an engine for artistic, creative and cultural participation in the Stoke and North Staffordshire city region to work towards our common goal of achieving ‘place-based regeneration’ for future generations.

Our Purpose

‘Our purpose is to harness the collective capacity of the Stoke city region’s creative community, to place Arts, Creativity and Culture at the centre of the personal development for all, and specifically for our children and young people, to create equal access and to forge opportunities and life chances across all sectors’.

For more information about Stoke Creates email hello@stokecep.co.uk